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New Branch Opening Soon

We are pleased to announce that a new UK Domestic cleaning branch will be opening soon.  The branch will be based in the West Midlands expanding our coverage in the region.  Watch this pace for more news....
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Give your friends or family the “gift of time” with a UK Domestic Cleaning gift voucher.

The "gift of time".

Give your friends or family the "gift of time" by buying them a cleaning voucher from UK Domestic Cleaning.  The gift voucher will detail the number of hours "gifted" by, you, the "giver".  The UK Domestic Cleaning team will then arrange to visit the home of the gift recipient, at their convenience, to carry out the task required. Most cleaning chores can be tackled whilst your friends or family can sit back and while away the time that you, the giver, have gifted to them.

When time is so precious what better gift can you give someone than the "Gift of time".

For more details contact your local operator.  Minimum gift time two hours. Gift of time certificate...
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